I am a 

baby whisperer |  joy creator | laugh catcher | toddler wrangler | magic chaser | memory maker



Hi I am Lisa!

I have never been a colour inside the lines kind of girl. I look at the world with a sense of humour, and have never taken off my rose-coloured glasses. This is the kind of art I create.

I would rather catch curious faces, eyes full of twinkles, and bellies full of laughs. My style is fun, whimsical, and upbeat. However I have been known to throw in the odd dark and moody shots. I love organic, vintage props,  and aim to make art that warms hearts! I’m a natural light & studio light photographer, and photograph maternity, newborns and babies..

My husband and I had a difficult time having children, and when our son was born in 2009, I took thousands of snapshots of him. I had an idea of the pictures I wanted to take and quickly became frustrated at the out of focus, underexposed photos I was taking. I dove in to the photography world where I quickly discovered a new passion for capturing special moments with newborn, maternity and baby photography. As a photographer I crave a connection with my subjects, whether it’s capturing a tender moment between mother and child, catching an inquisitive expression, or reveling in the sleepy sweetness of a newborn.

My Work has been featured on multiple covers of Kamloops Momma Magazine, Interior Wellness Magazine, TAOPAN magazine and I was honoured to be featured in an article in Kamloops Business Magazine (July 2011). I’ve been nominated for the Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence awards and I am an author and expert on baby safety, Podcaster for the Art & Soul Show, Event producer for online educational retreats and a teacher of thousands of online photography students. 

I’ve had the honour of photographing over 1400 newborns over the last 10 years.