Baby Sessions

I love photographing these little monkeys!

I like to touch base prior to our session in order to plan which props and poses we can do. Babies under 4.5 months are generally to young for any sitting photos, but do great with tummy time photos. Babies over 8 months are starting to get mobile. Babies over 1 year seem to do best outside, because they want to move!

How to dress your child

I like to take a lot of bare bum shots, so the best outfit is usally their birthday suit. With that being said, I like to err on the side of modesty and safety for these precious little ones, and all photos including any genitalia are destroyed.

I keep a stash of adorable knit diaper covers, suspender outfits, bonnets, frilly outfits, so we will have the perfect outfit for your little sprout.


Bring along any props you would like to include. Ideas include: child’s favorite toys, dad ties, apples, anything that you think would be cute and fun, usually is!

Let me know ahead of time, if their are certain shots or props of mine you would like included,

This allows me to come up with a set plan ahead of time. Weather permitting we can include outside shots, with my outdoor props ( chairs etc). I am happy to include seasonally relevent photos, e.g. santa hats, pumpkins, angel wings. Just let me know what you would like to do and I will work on accommodating it!

And last but not least, if your baby messes on anything, DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT!!! I expect it! Everything is washable or disposable! That’s just what babies do!!!!