Celebrating your one year old’s cake smash is such a fun and exciting time!

What I will have you do is let me know the colours you prefer, if we want something bright and colourful or pretty & vintage.

I order my cakes through Sweet Spot Cupcakes and they are delicious!!! If they aren’t too destroyed they usually get to go home with you! (Dads love this.)

Some things to know:

I find one year olds are often in the stage of playing strange. I’m used to this and usually after a few minutes they warm up to me and have fun.

Sometimes cake smashes go sideways! And that’s OK. I’m flexible. If your baby hates the cake, is scared of it, doesn’t want to play with me… I can adapt. If your baby doesn’t like it, we usually will just clean them up and do some other poses to ensure we get you a nice 1 year collection.

Most of all RELAX!!! Babies can sense if you are excited or nervous. It’s all about having fun!!!