Frequently Asked Questions

How long until we can see our images?

Your images will be posted in an online gallery within 3 weeks of your session

How do we get our images?

Your USB of images will be mailed to the address you have provided.

Do I have copyright to my images?

You have permission to print your images, however copyright is retained by Milk & Honey Photography

What should I wear to our session?

I am usually asked for ideas regarding what to wear for a photo session. There’s no need to run out and buy new outfits for everyone, but a little thought can be fun and make a difference in your portraits. So, here’s a list of tips to keep in mind when you are choosing clothing.

  1. Start with one person first, and revolve your choices around that outfit. If a family session, this is usually the Mom:)
  2. Add texture. By this I mean layers (a sweater over a button down shirt, jackets, layered tees), denim, knitted scarves and hats, tutus, corduroy. Texture adds an element of interest to a photograph. Layering also makes for easy clothing changes.
  3. Keep it simple. Solid colors or simple patterns. Bold patterns distract from what’s really important…your family.
  4. Avoid solid white or black clothing. Tricky to photograph, not very interesting.
  5. Avoid logos and anything else that might be distracting and date a photograph. A little trendy is ok…just don’t over-do it. People’s eyes will go right to the logo.
  6. If I’m photographing more than one child, it’s not important for them to match. It’s great to let their unique personalities come through. Just stick to a couple of basic colors.
  7. Shoes…what about them? Some of the shots will no doubt show your feet, so be aware of what you put on them! For children, PLEASE no cartoon character sneakers! If it’s warmish weather or summer, go for sandals or something more open. The best idea most times is bare feet. If it’s winter, how about some cute, stylish boots…both for the kids and the adults!

If you aren’t sure, feel free to bring a few things and we can decide together. One change of clothes during the session is fine. More than that and kids tend to get impatient. Extra clothing is always a good idea with children in case something gets messed up.

Where is your studio?

415 Lansdowne
Kamloops BC
phone: 2503195657

What if my I or my baby is sick?

Please see the section in Policies.