Newborn Sessions

Newborn Session Information

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A newborn is BEST to photograph in the first 14 days of life. I prefer 7-12 days old. That way baby will be sleepy and moldable. I can get the sleeping and peaceful shots MUCH easier that way. After 14 days old, baby is far more alert and baby acne and colic are common at that age.

If baby is older than 14 days it requires a lot of patience on both our parts. It can take upwards of 3 hours for a session, as baby sleeps less and lighter. The finished product will be well worth it!

Where should it
be and how long will it last?

My Studio: I offer newborn sessions in my downtown studio.  There is a comfortable  place for mom and dad to relax as they watch the session. There is a lovely coffee tea & beverage & snack station. However as the space is small I typically recommend older siblings only come for the first half hour as it is very important for me to focus on your new baby to create art for your family.

The room is very very warm, babies like to be warm and cozy especially when they are naked. I like to have babies milk drunk so they sleep. If baby doesn’t sleep, don’t worry, the milk usually kicks in and If we are patient we can usually get the shots we want! I love awake babies too though!

It can take up to 3 hours! But don’t worry I have a lot of patience! And I don’t mind spending 15 minutes coaxing baby in to one position! Its also a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere!

Is there a specific time?

I like to photograph in the mornings usually between 11:00-2:00. My day is scheduled around newborn sessions.

How should I prepare for my session?

A full baby is a happy & sleepy baby! That’s how we want them! Sleeping babies are so fun! They let me mold the and move them, curl them and pose them all while sleeping! This is a result of a full tummy! Have baby fed before you arrive and top up once you get here. I totally understand if you are on a schedule, however we may have to tweak it a bit. More feeding, sleeping and such. Baby is the boss! We go around them! Keeping baby happy will ensure the best pictures!

Also, loosen diaper and clothing an hour or so before our session, it will save me a lot of time editing so I don’t have to remove red marks. The less time I spend editing, the more generous I am and may toss in a couple extra shots!

If you are bottle feeding bring extra, and when I say bring extra, bring what you think you will need and then double it. We want your little one asleep and full, and running out of formula or bottles with a hungry or snacky baby that won’t sleep isn’t fun.

What should my baby wear?

The best outfit a baby has is their birthday suit! I love to photograph baby in little or nothing at all. I do have blankets wraps, hats and cocoons, but you are welcome to purchase anything and bring if you would like it included in your photos.

And dont worry I am VERY modest. Little bum pictures are as far as I will go, and all photos that may contain any genitalia are destroyed. With that being said, I EXPECT baby to make a mess of my stuff. Don’t worry its all washable!

And YOU?

Something comfortable, mom and dads in either black or white, no graphics, no prints. And Jeans. Bring a change of clothes for both mom and dad, I have had a few occasions where both parents, had had baby have an accident on them.

Anything else I should know?

Please no cameras or recording devices.  You are purchasing fine art, so I do not permit cell phones out during session.

Its always great to have an extra pair of hands! However, if you want to bring a sibling, please have someone to watch them, and have a family member or dad bring them only for a short period of time. They will get bored and hot in the warm studio quickly.

In order to have great photos we need a quiet calm atmosphere!!! I can’t emphasize this enough, so PLEASE no relatives or toddlers/children in the studio. If asked I will accommodate family photos, before baby is settled, or after we finish our session. I would rather baby wake up from hunger rather than bothered by a sibling or a relative talking loudly. WE WANT BABY SLEEPING!

I really want you to be happy with my work, so we need to work together, and I work best in a quiet, non-distractive atmosphere. So dad may have to take a sibling for a car ride, while we work.