Milk & Honey … what happened ?

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I have spent so much time thinking about this post and honestly haven’t been quite sure how to start.
So what happened to Milk & Honey?
Why did I stop taking clients ?
The real answer is burn out
Severe Burn out
I spent over 10 years trying to simultaneously build two companies, working almost full time hours in two jobs .
Both I loved equally. Like two children you can’t choose between
A couple years ago I was exhausted and no matter what I did I just could never feel refreshed, I was dropping the ball in every area of my life.I was gaining weigh rapidly and my drs didn’t have answers.
Just the usual mumble of a sluggish thyroid and a generic prescription that didn’t do anything.
I sought multiple specialists to figure out what was going on with me, why I had constant brain fog, forgetting routine business things that were normally so easy for me . Why I just seemed to be getting worse
Last January I finally found the right dr to help me get answers. An auto immune disorder , a body full of inflammation, a & thyroid that had given up .
Slowly with the right diet and medication I started to feel like myself again, and lost 75lbs in the process.

I have just been working my educational platform The Milky Way full time for the last year & created a podcast that just hit 300k downloads.
It’s been wild & load of fun.
I miss my clients , I miss being behind the camera . But I don’t miss working 70hrs a week.
My family has loved getting mom back .
So what does this mean for milk & honey ?
Right now until late September 2024 I’m still on hiatus from clients . I’m building a new classes for my school , But I’m hoping to start tip toeing back in with some friend and family sessions while I figure out where my sweet spot is So I don’t burn out again.

Right now for maternity & newborns I will be filming for my school April -June and will be looking for models so fill out the form on the page . Link above
If you are expecting later in the year I’m hoping I will be able to take a few maternity & newborn clients this fall.
My pricing is on my website
Thank you for sticking with me while I figure this all out 🥰
All my love Lisa

April 2, 2024

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