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To be honest it’s actually super rare I have a newborn sleep the entire newborn session. In fact most sessions we do spend a great deal of time waiting for babies to fall asleep.
AND that ok!
I know when you peruse my website, you see tonnes of these sleeping sweet babies, and it seems like it would be so easy right ?.. we all know newborn babies sleep a tonne. But to be honest newborn photography requires a blend of patience. and knowing babies .
After 14 years experience working with newborns, I understand babies cues. I can tell when they are tired, overtired, overstimulated. having tummy trouble, need to poop, are going to poop. I can tell by the counds they make, they way they move their bodies.
and I know exactly how to adapt or change my plan in order to work with them.
And sometimes that means hanging out with a happy awake baby.

and in that case i take awake images. Some of my fave photos and my clients too end up being the awake shots that are full of personality.
My biggest advise to my clients is dont stress.. im a professional.
So what happens though if i have a baby that seems awake but stressed. .. and how can I tell ? Dont all cries sound the same ? well.. yes and no. Babies actually have distinct cries that mean different things, and I speak the language of babies. Sometimes your newborn will tell me they need to have more milk, or they are overtired, of they have lower gas pain, or they need to burp. I can tell the difference between these cries.
So if i have a session when baby seem like the are overtired, overstimulated and starting to cry in a shrill way, we clal the session and i have my clients come back another time. My goal is to have the best, comfortable expereince for baby, and sometimes that reqires a second visit a few days later.
But I have to also assure my clients that being awake in a session when baby is happy isnt bad either. We often wait it out , or take additional images to show all the sweet & silly expressions your newborn makes.

April 15, 2024

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